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Air Samplers

We offer a range of Microbiological Air Samplers:

  • Stainless Steel 316 Construction
  • 100lpm Controlled Flow Rate
  • Vaporised Hydrogen Peroxide Tolerant
  • Autoclave Tolerant Head

Air Samplers come with with quick fit bayonet heads and a choice of two mounting options: a free-standing pedestal base or tri-clamp fittings for integration into machines.

A dedicated VF8023 controller module drives each Air Sampler and can be used independently or in conjunction with enVigil software.

It can be set up for continuous or intermittent sampling of 1 cubic metre. With intermittent sampling it provides a programmable number of shorter samples spread over a longer period to make up the 1 cubic metre volume. Intermittent sampling is often used to reduce the number of interventions during a production process.

Microbiological Air Sampler

Pedestal Base Air Sampler