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Facility Monitoring Software

Our Facility Monitoring Software has been in use in pharmaceutical installations for over thirty years and meets the rigorous demands of 21 CFR part 11 with regard to electronic records. The software runs under Microsoft Windows 10 Pro and Windows 7 Pro and is based around a real-time database of results gathered from environmental sensors and particle counting instruments. Each module has been subject to a full qualification procedure offering unrivalled reliability.

This modular software approach allows specific requirements to be met by configuring a small number of highly functional modules. This eliminates unnecessary complication, simplifies qualification, controls costs and reduces learning curves while allowing for future expansion.

Logged data and alarm transition data is recorded in daily files in a secure binary format. The log files are organised hierarchically by date and are automatically archived to a local or site wide server.

The system is extremely easy to use; an overview screen shows a simplified floor plan of the facility where the rooms being monitored are green when within limits and red when in alarm.

Clicking on the room of interest shows a trend graph of the parameters within that room together with their numeric values, colour coded by their alarm state. You choose the graph’s duration simply by clicking a button or you zoom or pan interactively by dragging the mouse over the graph.

The trend graph seamlessly integrates real-time and historical data and you can jump to any period in history by selecting the date on the calendar control.

A single click offers succinct alarm reports detailing out of compliance excursions over the period of interest. Another click offers simple tabular reports of the selected data over time.

S2216 Series Particle Counter

enVigil FMS