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We have moved!

Pharmagraph has moved to larger premises.
Our new address is:

39 Ivanhoe Road
Hogwood Lane Industrial Estate
RG40 4QQ

New Capability Brochures

Two new brochures outlining Pharmagraph's capability in Hospital Pharmacy and GLP/GMP monitoring applications are now available.

enVigil PnP enhances software family

enVigil PnP adds microbiological monitoring capabilities serial particle counter support with swap-ability to the enVigil software family.

New IO module range

Pharmagraph has added new I/O modules to their range. Optimised for use with enVigil Lite and enVigil Pnp, the new modules include Relay Output, high accuracy PRT iputs and general purpose 4-20mA analog inputs. All modules allow direct connection to transducers with no additional wiring or energisation.

Environmental inputs for enVigil Lite

Developed from the hugely successful enVigil Facility Monitoring Software, enVigil Lite allows you to develop a particle counting application in minutes. Building on this, Pharmagraph now allow environmental inputs like pressure and temperature to be added with equal ease.

Hospital pharmacies adopt enVigil

Leveraging the simplicity of a modular approach to hardware, software and documentation has allowed Pharmagraph to embrace Hospital Pharmacy applications with increasing success. Scalable from a single particle counter to a complete suite, enVigil systems are being widely adopted in the National Health Service.