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Pharmagraph launches new air samplers for GMP compliance

Pharmagraph has launched its new range of Smart Active Air Samplers; the iVAS Series. The intelligent air samplers offer high efficiency and consistency in microbiological monitoring.
The iVAS series supports 90 mm Petri Dish media and includes an integrated HPV tolerant controller measuring actual flow and sample volume within the sample head. iVAS units can be integrated into the customers’ existing EM programme meeting EU-GMP Annex 1 and USP 797 compliance requirements.

Available in both pedestal and tri-clamp mounting styles, iVAS can be used free-standing or built into isolators and filling machines. The truly intelligent iVAS unit incorporates the perforated sieve head, dual impellers, flow/volume control and communication systems into a highly integrated unit. iVAS itself controls the airflow and measures the volume of air sampled to maximise regulatory compliance and can operate in either continuous or intermittent sampling modes. iVAS offers dual calibrated flow rates of either 100 L/min or 50 L/min and D50 values of 1.1 µm and 1.6 µm respectively. The height-adjustable 90mm petri dish holder, allows for varying Agar media fill depths whilst maintaining D50 performance.

The integral impellers mean that no bulky external vacuum system is required, facilitating quick and simple installation. A single cable connection supplies both communication and power functionality from the host controller. The host controller supports up to six iVAS units and offers a ModBus TCP Ethernet communications interface and local alarm functionality. iVAS uses industry-standard Modbus protocol

Designed for use in Grade A zones, iVAS units can be swapped in/out of service and are tracked by serial number to maintain system traceability. This reduces system downtime and allows for fast maintenance and calibration service.

Although optimised for use with Pharmagraph’s own enVigil software, iVAS uses industry-standard Modbus protocol and runs from 24Vdc to cater for the widest variety of monitoring and application software.

John Wallingford, Pharmagraph Operations Director, said: “Since the introduction of our previous remote air sampler with its associated external controller, we have been delighted with the uptake of the technology. We believe that our new iVAS design which incorporates the controller and the air sampler into one unit will be a game-changer. It offers enhanced performance, more flexible integration and meets the industry requirements of greater use of isolator and RABS technologies for pharmaceutical production and dispensing facilities.”

Pharmagraph hosts Distributors Conference

Pharmagraph successfully hosted a well-attended conference at the Hilton London Gatwick. The event spanned four days and gave the opportunity for our distributors and representatives from across the globe to come together with our UK based sales and technical staff. Alongside some much-awaited new product launches, delegates also attended product workshops and received hands on training for key Pharmagraph products and systems.

Central to the week of events was the launch of two new products; Pharmagraph’s enhanced software system enVigil V and new high performance Integrated Viable Air Sampler (iVAS). Set to launch officially in September 2019, enVigil V offers a host of enhanced features over and above the previous version. New features include dashboards showing high level stats and running parameters on a clean modern interface, third party cloud connectivity and extended user access features, to name but a few.

Also scheduled for an October release date, the new IVAS Smart Air Sampler provides a solution for customers needing higher performance viable monitoring in a single integrated unit. Specifically aimed at Isolator and RABS Filling Lines the iVAS offers unparalleled performance with an integrated impeller, flow monitoring at either 50L/min or 100L/min, H2O2 tolerance and a D50 value of 1.1µm. The iVAS does not require an external vacuum system as the unit offers combined control and flow monitoring from the onboard electronic controller.

Reflecting on a successful week of networking and training, John Wallingford, Pharmagraph’s Operations Director commented: “Pharmagraph Distributor events such as these take a lot of effort to organise and it is very rewarding to see so many colleagues from all parts of the world using our enVigil software and hardware products to meet the ever-demanding needs of EU-GMP and FDA compliance requirements.”

Pharmagraph expands into Ireland

Acting on an upward trend in business from Ireland, Pharmagraph has opened a new Irish office in Lisburn, Co Antrim. This puts the company in the optimum location to provide environmental monitoring systems to its increasing customer base of pharmaceutical companies and hospitals throughout Ireland.

The new office will provide both sales and service for Irish pharmaceutical and hospital facilities.

John Wallingford, Pharmagraph’s Operations Director said: “We have seen a marked increase in our Irish business over the last couple of years for Isolator and RABS monitoring applications.”

The environmental monitoring capabilities of the company encompass airborne contamination, temperature, humidity and differential pressure in pharmaceutical cleanroom facilities and hospital pharmacies.

Pharmagraph has extensive knowledge and experience with Met One particle counters and offers a particle counter calibration service to meet ISO21501-4 requirements.

Wallingford added: “From the new office in Lisburn we will be able to offer project deployment, support and calibration service for Pharmagraph monitoring systems and particle counters.”

We have expanded...

Pharmagraph recently completed the doubling in size of its head office premises.

Our head office address continues to be:

39 Ivanhoe Road
Hogwood Lane Industrial Estate
RG40 4QQ

New IO module range

Pharmagraph has added the new Series 5000 to their range of I/O modules. Optimised for use with enVigil FMS and enVigil PnP, the new modules include Relay Output, high accuracy PRT inputs, thermocouple, and general purpose voltage and 4-20mA analog inputs and outputs. All modules allow direct connection to transducers with no additional wiring or energisation.