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Instrumentation Panels

Highly Versatile Analog and Digital Modules

Networked, distributed, high accuracy measurement systems offer excellent measurement resolution and noise rejection. Yielding the highest quality results, the flexible networked topology allows instrumentation panels to be conveniently distributed around larger sites.

We also supply and install all associated wiring and pneumatic tubing.

The Pharmagraph Series 2000 I/O modules are optimised for use with enVigil PnP and enVigil Lite and allow direct connection to transducers with no additional wiring or external energisation required. Series 2000 is also fully compatible with the full enVigil FMS software package

  • 4 channel relay outputs with 4 channel switch inputs for control of particle counters
  • 6 channel high accuracy PRT (RTD) inputs for cold room and incubator monitoring
  • 8 channel 4-20mA analog inputs for differential pressure, temperature and humidity
  • 4 channel 4-20mA analog inputs with 4 channel digital inputs for general purpose monitoring

S2216 Series Particle Counter

Instrumentation Panel

S2216 Series Particle Counter

Analog Module

S2216 Series Particle Counter

Relay Module