Instrumentation Systems


Instrumentation Systems

Distributed or Rack-based I/O Modules

Whether local or distributed, our high accuracy systems offer excellent measurement resolution and noise rejection. Yielding the highest quality results, the flexible topology allows instrumentation panels to be conveniently distributed around larger sites.

Both the Series 2000 distributed I/O modules and the MX5000 precision rack I/O modules are optimised for use with enVigil FMS and enVigil PnP and allow direct connection to transducers with no additional wiring or external energisation required.

Series 2000 Distributed I/O Modules

    AI2440: 4-20mA Analog Input Module

    The AI2440 Analog Input module offers four channels of 4-20mA analog inputs together with four channels of digital input. Ideal for use with differential pressure, temperature and humidity sensors, the analog inputs can be used with loop powered sensors or with sensors that require a 24Vdc supply. Field wiring from either type of sensor can be connected directly to the input terminals without the need for any additional terminals. The 24V energisation supply available at each of the 4-20mA inputs has built-in current limiting allowing them to survive accidental short circuits without needing to replace any fuses. The digital input channels have built-in energisation allowing them to be used with volt-free contacts and are ideal for use with door switches.

    The AI2440 has dual RS485 busses allowing two PCs to simultaneously connect to the network of modules. When used with appropriate software such as enVigil-FMS, dual-redundant systems can be implemented to maximise data availability.

    Analog module

    MX6000 Multi-Function Controller

    The MX6000 provides unparalleled flexibility and functionality in a single compact module. By simply connecting a single Ethernet cable from the host PC and supplying 24Vdc power, this powerful module provides all the functionality to drive ‘swappable’ particle counters, alarm message displays, environmental inputs, Air Sampler controllers, a beacon stack and watchdog subsystems simultaneously. A single physical Ethernet port expands into six physical RS485 serial buses. The RS485 buses appear within the host PC as virtualised COM ports and behave exactly like local COM ports on the PC. Perfectly matched to enVigil FMS and enVigil PnP, this single module combines the functionality of an Ethernet Serial Device Server, multiple particle counter controllers and an alarm beacon interface. The MX6000 supports up to six particle counters directly and offers a pass-through mode to additional MX6000 modules that act as expanders each supporting up to six particle counters. The pass-through mode automatically recognises serial protocol requests for particle counters beyond its local capability and transparently redirects them via Ethernet to the appropriate MX6000 module. The on-board real-time clock and Micro SD storage make it possible for data to be logged local to the MX6000 during communications loss or failure of the host PC and results retrieved later via FTP. MX6000 is configured using a utility that defines global settings such as IP address and selects the ‘task’ or function associated with each RS485 port.


    MX5000 Series Precision I/O System Controller

    The MX5000 Precision Input/Output System has been designed from the ground up to provide robust, accurate measurement of a wide range of parameters where exacting tolerances are demanded. An MX5000 system consists of a Controller Unit housed in a 6 or 8 slot enclosure that accommodates a variety of I/O modules. The Controller Unit uses an industry standard Modbus TCP interface offering ready access to virtually any SCADA, DAS or DCS system. A range of measurement modules offer high accuracy measurement of, voltage, current, temperature using both thermocouple and Platinum Resistance Temperature devices. Additional modules offer digital inputs, digital outputs and relay outputs. Special function modules such as vibration and frequency measurement are also available. MX5000 offers unrivalled flexibility, supporting systems in size from 12 to 600 channels from a single controller. Additional channels can be easily accommodated by adding further Controller Units in expansion enclosures using a standard Ethernet connection.

    • MX5080: 8 slot enclosure
    • MX5060: 6 slot enclosure
    • MX5110: Controller Unit with 12 channel digital I/O
    • MX5212: 12 channel, 2-wire 4-20mA analog input
    • MX5213: 8 channel, 3-wire 4-20mA analog input
    • MX5250: 12 channel voltage or thermocouple
    • MX5260: 4 channel output plus 8 channel voltage input
    • MX5310: 6 channel PT100 and resistance input
    • MX5410: 4 channel vibration plus 4 channel frequency input
    • MX5510: 8 channel relay output plus 6 channel digital input

    MX5000 isolated
    System diagram

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