Air Samplers


Air Samplers

iVAS Roam

Expanding on our existing viable air sampling technology, the iVAS Roam delivers assured sampling performance that is EN 17141:2020 compliant. With an innovative design and user-friendly graphical interface, the iVAS Roam is a feature rich, intuitive portable air sampler.

Harnessing over 20 years of experience in the cleanroom technology sector, Pharmagraph have applied their expertise to the design and development of the iVAS Roam. Creating a product that can either integrate directly with our enVigil FMS software or operate as a standalone unit.

Designed for use in cleanroom environments of all grades, the iVAS Roam offers the user a range of features and benefits that support a compliant environmental monitoring strategy.

  • Integral barcode reader records plate details and captures information in the sample record.
  • Two incorporated RFID readers capture operator ID and unit location in the sample record.
  • Features a retaining mechanism for the sieve head, enabling easy movement of the unit between sampling locations.
  • Innovative Tour configurator feature that enables users to predefine sample locations in a tour pattern. Simplifying the setup of complex sampling routes, whilst guaranteeing that every critical area is monitored systematically.
  • Adjustable plate height and size.

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iVAS Roam Manager App

The iVAS Roam can either integrate directly with Pharmagraph’s enVigil FMS software or operate as a standalone unit, managing set up and sampling records with the companion iVAS Roam Manager App.

  • Ability to deploy a single site configuration to multiple units.
  • Comprehensive audit trail offers a detailed record of all changes made within the application, providing traceability that is essential for compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Real-time data synchronization maintains an up-to-date database, vital for real-time compliance monitoring and reporting.
  • Advanced reporting and visualisation generate detailed reports in multiple formats that are easy to interpret and analyse.

The iVAS Roam Manager App is designed for a wide range of users in cleanroom and laboratory settings, from technical experts to personnel with minimal technical background. It provides an intuitive, user-friendly platform that not only streamlines environmental monitoring tasks but also ensures that operations remain in strict compliance with regulatory standards.

iVAS Roam Manager Tour Configurator

The iVAS Roam Manager introduces an innovative Tour configurator feature, designed to enhance the precision and efficiency of environmental monitoring with the iVAS Roam portable Viable Air Sampler. This feature allows users to meticulously create a Tour, incorporating specific areas and locations that the device will visit for air sampling. Through the Manager App, these Tours can be easily configured and then saved directly to the device, ensuring a seamless transition from planning to execution. What sets this configurator apart is its intuitive user interface, which supports the ordering and dragging of locations to craft the exact sequence desired for the sampling process. This capability not only simplifies the setup of complex sampling routes but also guarantees that every critical area is monitored systematically, enhancing the thoroughness and reliability of environmental data collection.

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iVAS Roam and screens
iVAS Roam and interface screens iVAS Roam Manager App
iVAS Roam Manager App Homescreen iVAS Roam Tour Screen
iVAS Roam Tour Info Screen

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